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Gap Year by Continent


deserts & rainforests

Africa is a staggeringly massive continent, made up of vast arid plains and plateau. The gap years that we feature include teaching, farming, and conservation projects.

australia surf gap year

surrounded by oceans

The opposite side of the globe often has a strong pull for us Europeans. Australia and New Zealand are far from home and offer a plethora of opportunities to work and play.

european gap year

seasonal opportunities

Europe is one of the most diverse continents. A short distance of travel will bring you to a completely different way of life. Work in ski resorts, for local charities or on farms.

jungle trekking

South America
jungles & mountains

This vibrant continent has some amazing people, cultures and sights. Work with underprivileged children or on wildlife conservation projects, or become a trekking guide.
South America

gap year usa

North America
usa & canada

Canada and the United States offer some great opportunities for taking a year out. Internships in business, sports instruction jobs and work on organic farms.
North America

asia gap year

japan, china & far east

The countries that make up Asia include a fair chunk of the world's population. We feature lots of exciting and challenging projects from medical to teaching.

Types of Gap Year

gap volunteers

giving your time to help

We list a wide variety of different types of volunteer work, including community development, teaching, ecological conservation, marine management, and much more.
Volunteer Work

working holidays

working holiday jobs

Working as an office junior in Tokyo or a diving instructor in the Maldives, you should be able to find an opportunity to suit you, and the skills you'll develop will be invaluable.
Paid Work

gap year guide

Year Out Guide
get the most from your time

Working holidays allow people to travel and see new places without having to think about how to fill their days. This guide will tell you how to get the most from your experience.
Gap Year Guide

language gap years

learning and teaching

Find out about learning a language abroad or Teaching English as a Foreign Language with our guide to getting qualified and getting started. How to select a TEFL course and how to improve your language skills.
TEFL / Languages

farm work

arable and pastoral

Experience the agricultural sector in a different country. Cattle farming in Australia, sheep farming in New Zealand, fruit picking in France or organic farming in South Africa; just some of the opportunities.

gap year medical experience

Medical Projects
hospitals, dentristry, nursing

Volunteering on a Medical Project could take you to many different countries, and you don't need to be an aspiring brain surgeon. Placements include Nursing in Africa, Midwifery in Asia, Dentistry in South America.

teaching gap year

classrooms and learning

There are plenty of teaching projects available that do not require any formal training, just enthusiasm and an ability to share knowledge.

conservation gap year

protecting environments

Why not offer your time to help organisations who are working to protect the most vulnerable plants, fish, animals and people.

sports coaching

coaching and learning

A working holiday is a great way to undertake grassroots coaching, learn how to be an instructor, or deckhand on a super yacht on a round the world adventure.

american summer camps

Summer Camps
counselors and instructors

Wooden cabins in the forest, a placid lake, clear blue skies and jagged mountains on the horizon. Read what it is like working at a Summer Camp and view current positions.
Summer Camps

responsible gap year

Sensitive Travel
responsible gap companies

Tourism often threatens the very nature of the places that we visit, but it can also bring many benefits, especially if the tourism is well managed.
Sensitive Travel

gap year adventure

expeditions and trekking

If you are looking for some excitement during your year out you should consider taking part in an adventurous activity like a trekking expedition.

china gap years

economic powerhouse

Home to almost 20% of the world's population, and currently experiencing unprecedented economic growth, China is an exciting country to work in with lots of opportunities for the adventurous traveller.
Asian Adventures

gap years to india

diversity and growth

Jobs and courses in India are plentiful, with real opportunities to contribute to the lives of people who really need help. Careful research will reveal travel opportunities in many parts of India's varied terrain.
Sub Continent

canadian gap years

mountains and plains

Canada is a land of contrasts; the vast, flat wheat producing prairies, sit alongside the towering, jagged peaks of the Canadian Rockie Mountains. Work and travel opportunities come in all shapes and sizes.
Discover Canada

tefl teaching with love tefl

Popular Gap Years

Responsible Travel Gap Year Placements

The Great Projects
company logoAt The Great Projects we believe that there is a better way to holiday. Our award winning ecotours are not only designed to be an experience that you will remember for the rest of your life, but through our donation and conservation schemes you will know that your travel really does help saves endan...

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Colombia TEFL Adventure

company logoLooking for an amazing adventure in a tropical paradise with people you'll never forget? You're in the right place. Our Colombia TEFL Adventure is the ultimate way to discover amazing Colombia AND gain valuable teaching experience while you're at it. ...

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Paid work

Real Gap
company logoTop up your travel fund and get valuable work experience around the world! You can boost your CV and earn some cash in amazing destinations from Australia to China. From teaching English to becoming a real life outback ranch hand, test drive your ideal job or try something completely different!...

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Affordable Volunteer Abroad Programs from £120

International Volunteer HQ
company logoIVHQ provides safe, responsible, and extremely affordable volunteering placements in developing countries all over the world. Each year we place thousands of volunteers on our programs abroad, making us one of the world's most trusted volunteer organizations....

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