Dance Gap Year

Dance Gap Year is the only gap year program out there for dancers. We integrate the creative arts with corporate fields, non profit sectors and community locals. With such a diverse and holistic approach to the gap year structure we always maintain the core element of our program which is DANCE for you, by you and shared with the people. Dig Deep. Discover More. In a supportive environment of like minded thinkers.

start date

Start Date

September 8th 2017 - April 20th 2018



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typical day

A Typical Day on this Course

Morning: 2 dance technique classes

Afternoon: Break for lunch and free time

Late Afternoon: Rehearsal or Internship

Evening: Workshop or city art event

A follow up of the day and a quick briefing on the next day's events

Weekends are mostly open with some rehearsals

*Argentina participants live in Cordoba, but travel one weekend per month to Buenos Aires, Mendoza, Missiones

ideal candidate

What we are looking for

3 years of dance training in any style

The desire to work with a group

The desire to use your dance as a way of engaging with locals

The need of an open mind and open heart

our offer

What we can offer you


Program materials

Travel in country

*Argentina-breakfast and dinner

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Dance Gap Year

Dance Gap Year

Primarily focused on the choreographic process, Dance Gap Year includes dance pedagogy, technique classes and community workshops. Classes are heavily focused in Modern, Contemporary, Improvisation, Hip Hop, and body wellness. Dancers put on a show case and must complete a 50 hour internship.
Dance Gap Year