Summer Camp in America

Camp Leaders provides flexible pricing and higher placement opportunities, securing you a job at one of the best camps in America with cost-effective payment options tailored to suit you. Not only that, we work hard to go above and beyond in everything we do.

start date

Start Date

Summer 2018




typical day

A Typical Day in the Job

8am - Rise and shine

Everyone knows about camp wake up, from the shrill tooting of the bugle to the firing of an actual cannon, it’s time to get up and get the say started.

8.30am - Flagpole and Morning meeting

Camp’s have years old traditions and your morning meeting is a great time experience some of the fantastic quirks that camp has. Get your announcements, do some fun morning stretches, celebrate birthdays and inter-camp team wins, it’s time to begin the day.

9am - Breakfast

For breakfast you will find almost every kind of food available and many of it will be a little strange; waffles, syrup and sausages? Dig in.

Many camps will have songs, graces or breakfast chants to get the kids excited for the day ahead.

10am to 12:30 - Activities

If you're a general camp counselor you will take the campers to their scheduled activities (you'll often get to join in.) As an activity specialist you will spend the morning teaching the campers. If there is a period when you aren't leading your activity then you will be able to join back up with your group at an activity to help out.

12.30pm Lunch

From Tacos to the infamous grilled cheese, everyone absolutely loves the lunch menu - campers will spend the whole morning guessing what it might be. Often with a salad bar, and a pasta back up, everyone goes to town and gets their nourishment for the afternoon.

13:30 Rest hour

It will soon become apparent to you that rest hour is the greatest idea at camp. The combination of the early start, the hectic morning and the belly full of food means resting up is always a great plan. The campers will use this time to play cards, lay under their fans and chill with their friends. It’s a good time to relax and get out of the heat.

14.30 to 16.00: Activities

Rest hour over…back to activities! Activity specialists teach in their activity areas and general counselors circulate with campers.

16.00 Milk and cookies

Snack time - does what says on the tin. From milk and cookies, to chips and dips - all snacks are always happily received.

16.15 Final activity of the day

17:00 Shower time

Time to wash away all the dust and get squeaky clean for dinner.

18:00 Time for dinner

Did someone say it’s BBQ tonight? The last big meal of the day could be absolutely anything (within reason). From traditional American meals to food inspired from all over the world.

7pm Free play & Flag retreat

Free play is the campers chance to play with friends, they will buddy up and roam free. You as a counselor or specialist will watch an area of camp and make sure they don’t get upto too much mischief.

After the free play it will be time to take down the flag for another day.

8pm Evening activity or all camp entertainment

Evening activities are great fun and an opportunity for you to spend time with everyone else on camp. Campers and counselors alike can integrate with people from other cabins and age groups. Evening activities range from themed dances, all-camp competitions, campfires, talent shows and sometimes off camp trips (bowling, lazer tag, cinema). The list goes on and on.

ideal candidate

What we are looking for

Must be aged 18-30 by June 2018
Have a clean criminal background

our offer

What we can offer you

A summer camp job in America
Return transatlantic flights
Up to 90 days' medical insurance
Visa assistance and sponsorship
Up to $1,150 of pocket money
Award-winning customer service
Preparation and guidance through the process
24-hour support whilst in the USA
Up to a month of travel after camp

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