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purple square China is an exciting country to visit, but to have the chance to work and stay for an extended period is something else. The rapid economic and social change provide endless opportunities for the gap year traveller. China can be a confusing place so it makes sense to take advantage of these established and tailor made projects, where you will receive full support and an introduction to the incredible country of China.

Currently Popular...

Medical Experience Abroad

Medical Experience Abroad

By volunteering on a Medicine & Healthcare Project you will have the opportunity to experience the challenges faced by medical institutions across the developing world. You will have the chance to gain work experience whilst helping some of the poorest people in the world.

TEFL Internships in China, Thailand, Cambodia, Colombia and South Africa

TEFL Internships in China, Thailand, Cambodia, Colombia and South Africa

China, Thailand, Cambodia, Colombia, South Africa
Our TEFL internships allow you to combine valuable teaching experience with an amazing adventure in a beautiful new country. Before you head off, you'll be fully TEFL trained and when you arrive, you'll get all the support you need from our in-country teams.

Adventure travel

Adventure travel

Thailand, South Africa, India, Vietnam, Costa Rica, China, Peru, Cambodia, Galapagos, Ecuador, New Zealand, Australia, Zambia, USA, Tanzania, Botswana, Nepal, Malaysia, Canada, Fiji, Zanzibar, Kenya
Our trips and tours across the globe offer the perfect combination of adrenalin-fueled activities, cultural immersion and sightseeing. Whether you want to unleash your wild side with lions on the African plains or take in the best of Thailand, we can help you plan your ultimate gap year trip!

Paid work

Paid work

Australia, New Zealand, USA, China, Canada
Top up your travel fund and get valuable work experience around the world! You can boost your CV and earn some cash in amazing destinations from Australia to China. From teaching English to becoming a real life outback ranch hand, test drive your ideal job or try something completely different!

Teach abroad

Teach abroad

South Africa, France, Malawi, China, Ecuador, Moldova, Argentina, Galapagos, Thailand, Zanzibar, Kenya
Unleash your inner classroom genius and put your skills to good use teaching English overseas. Our voluntary and paid work options give you the opportunity to gain useful experience as a teacher, change the lives of entire communities and work in some of the most beautiful places on the planet!

Wildlife volunteer

Wildlife volunteer

South Africa, China, India, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Argentina, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Peru.
Get up-close to amazing creatures in an array of exotic locations! Whether you want to help save pandas from extinction in China, hang out with orang-utans in Malaysia or take a dip with sea turtles in Costa Rica, you can take your pick of our wildlife projects across the globe!

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Popular Chinese Destinations:
Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu, Hong Kong

Quick China Facts:
Population - 1.4 billion
Languages - Mandarin and Cantonese

Visa Information:
Take advice from your trip provider. China work visas are more complicated than most.

Chinese Medical Projects

Medical Work Experience projects in China working at clinics, hospitals and medical centres. Gain a valuable experience working in a country where Western and traditional Chinese medicine combine to create a very unique approach to health care.

Conservation Projects in China

There are lots of opportunities to get involved with conservation projects in China. Some of the more popular include working with animals, not least the world's favourite endangered creature, the Giant Panda.

Social Care

A country with well over a billion people is always going to have its fair share of social problems. There are plenty of opportunities to work with China's orphans, street children, children with learning and physical disabilities, and adults.

China Volunteer Work

If you are looking to do volunteer work overseas, take a look at the many placements and gap years available in China. There are companies who specialise in a variety of volunteering jobs in China, as well as companies who specialise in key areas, who offer such opportunities in China and worldwide. Volunteers are usually required to work in the more disadvantaged parts of society, those being marginalised by the economic boom.

Teaching English in China

Volunteering in China offers the opportunity to experience an exciting, unique and diverse culture from within, contributing to the development of the world's most populated country, which is also becoming a major player on the world's stage. By volunteering as an English Teacher in China, you will be able to directly help improve the English language skills of young people, giving them a better chance to succeed in later life, as the ability to speak English will open up so many more opportunities for them. To see students improve because of your hard work and dedication can be one of the most rewarding experiences, and the challenge along the way will also give you skills for later life.

As a place to visit China offers so much to see: The Great Wall of China, The Silk Road, The Terracotta Army in Xian and The Forbidden City in Beijing to name but a few! But as a volunteer in China you will see so much more than the average tourist. You will be welcomed in by your volunteering hosts and made to feel at home in your new community. Teachers are highly respected in China, and you will find your students to be enthusiastic and appreciative of everything you do. It is also a great way to get an insight into the Chinese culture, and to bring about cultural exchange as your students and hosts will be very interested in your home culture and way of life as well.

Having the opportunity to volunteer in China will give you the chance to make so many friends, with both your Chinese colleagues and students (if you are a volunteer teacher). Making friends will give you the chance to see even more of China; they will introduce you to their family, take you out to karaoke bars and to dinner, and will make you feel included so you never feel lonely or homesick.

China is very cheap to live and travel in and easy to get around, so make the most of being there and see all you can. It is a place of outstanding natural beauty and you will see some things in China that you would never expect to see.