Gap Year South Africa AUTUMN QUEST April to May

with Warriors Academy

newspaper TEFL Expedition
location Africa
start date 20202 Months
salary Training Course
accommodation includedAccommodation included
food and mealsFood - 140 meals
training providedTraining provided

So what makes us unique to any other options

Warriors academy is accredited by the international gap year Association, which means that we have passed the rigorous, safety, and professional standards giving you the peace of mind that you are dealing with a credible and professional organisation.

Warriors Academy is International and Multicultural creating an environment where you will have the freedom and exposure to understand our world and there for becoming a bone fide global citizen with an international network.

Warriors Academy is ideal for school leavers and for all those looking to reassess their direction during or after their studies.

The highly qualified Staff at Warriors Academy, hold a Multi Activity Instructor Certification putting you in the hands of passionate leaders and experts.

Warriors Academy gap year consists of 4 7 week- stand-alone programs giving you the flexibility to participate in as many program as you like.

Warriors Academy leads by providing the most comprehensive variety of, unrivalled training, activities experiences and travel visiting all 9 provinces and 4 neighbouring countries. This gives students a broader perspective and the skills to adapt and thrive in a fast paced and challenging world.

We are the only Training Academy that uses the internationally renowned life coach and personal mastery specialist Rudi Viljoen. During the program student will explore, discover and create their own greatness leading to independent emotionally mature adults.

We are an international adventure and outdoor training Institution. completing your warriors Academy gap year program serves as your first year of your multi activity instructor qualification. Should you decide to pursue a career in the outdoor and adventure tourism industry you will be miles ahead.

Gap Year South Africa  AUTUMN QUEST April to May

gap year project highlights Highlights

Adventure Pursuits
Community Service
Engagement with the natural world

typical day What's it like

A typical day on this gap year project

Autumn Quest in South Africa has warm days and cool nights. Summer clothing with extra jackets, thermal and fleece blanket will do. For most of autumn, the Warriors travel to warmer areas up north, keeping us away from Base Camp 70% of the time.

ideal candidate Project Requirements

Who would be a suitable participant?

Age 16 -24

our offer Project Benefits

What we can offer you


EQ Fitness (Toltec)
An ongoing practical application of principles and values work shopped in the Summer Quest. The full Toltec course may be offered if sufficient numbers warrant it.

Adventure Pursuits
Abseil Supervisors Course, Beach Clean-up, Dolphin Experience, Expedition Africa Service Team, Fire-walking, Kloofing Expedition, Scuba course in Mozambique at Ponta do Ouro, Scuba Diver (NAUI), Scuba Advanced Diver (NAUI), Scuba Rescue Diver (NAUI), Free Diving, Snorkelling, Ocean Paddling.

Community Service
Ongoing local community service commitments, animal shelters, old age home visits and engagement with disabled children, fund raising for selected charities.

Workplace Ready:
Part II Enterprise program, includes a selection of activities from, Entrepreneurial Skills workshop, personal financial literacy and financial management, business game (, photography / film workshop, leadership and followership skills, the rules of work, creativity experiences, introduction to event planning and project management, introduction to strategic thinking and planning.

Engagement with the natural world Continuing with the eco positive attitude set in the Summer Quest, the Autumn Quest has as its highlight, the four day guided wilderness hike in the Kruger National Park. This is an unforgettable opportunity to fully experience the raw and untamed African bush from an unsophisticated position, on foot and self-contained. Plans are in progress to include an interaction with the elephant and rhino sanctuary where you would complement the African conservation experience.

Safety considerations remain a priority and whilst every effort is made to deliver the full program, we have to retain the option of flexibility depending on local conditions, weather and availability of venues. Should unavoidable changes be made, we will guarantee a similar valued experience.

INCLUDED in the cost:

1. Accommodation - 48 Nights
2. Food - 140 meals
3. Activities and courses
4. Professional Coaching services
5. Travelling
6. Training materials
7. Registrations
8. Equipment as per activities

1. Laundry services
2. Personal pocket money
3. Personal gear (can be rented by "Rent-a-Mom")
4. Activities outside of prospectus
5. Medical emergencies
6. Transport to & from Warriors Academy
at the start and finish of each Quest
7. Emergency transportation to doctors or other related services
8. Medical and Travel Insurance (US students it is pre-requisite to get travel and medical insurance from iNext, to be added to your account)


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