Spring English Language Camp Counselor in France

with American Village

newspaper TEFL Communitites Summer Camp Childcare Teaching
start date Start dates every month between March and July4 - 10 weeks
salary paid
accommodation includedAccommodation included
food and mealsthree meals per day. We can cater to 3 diets: a typical diet, a no-pork diet, and a pollo-lacto-pescatarian diet (vegetarian that eats eggs, dairy & fish)
training providedTraining provided

What separates us from our competitors from a camper's perspective is that we stay positive. Making mistakes in English is a part of the learning process and errors are never pointed out in a negative way. Our counselors are nice, encouraging and funny!

What separates us from our competitors from a parent's perspective is the high-quality childcare that we provide. Camper safety and well-being is at the heart of our company's mission and values.

What separates us from a seasonal employee's perspective is that we use humour and creativity in the learning process. Often counselors are surprised that they are "paid to be silly".

Spring English Language Camp Counselor in France

gap year project highlights Highlights

Work on a multi-cultural team
Gain experience for your CV
Be paid to play and be silly

typical day What's it like

A typical day on this gap year project

This is a residential camp job, with French campers coming from French elementry or middle schools. Counselors rotate through responsibilities in order to run the typical daily schedule that is presented on our website. In summary, there are English classes in the morning, an interactive English show before lunch (costumes, songs, skits...) , activities all afternoon and an evening program.

ideal candidate Project Requirements

Who would be a suitable participant?

What we look for (qualifications)
- Required experience: camp counseling, childcare, &/or teaching experience. CELTA and TEFL students are also welcome.
- Fluent Level of English (CEFRL level C1 or higher)
- Knowledge of north American or British history and culture
- Clear criminal history

our offer Project Benefits

What we can offer you

Salary and Perks:
- A salary for all days worked: 1170 Euros / month for a first-year counsellor.
- Meals included.
- Shared dorm-style housing with other counselors, bedding included.
- Free laundry services are available at least once a week.
- Absolutely no application fee to apply to this job.
- All counselors may request a 55€ defrayal of train travel to their village (within France).
- Accident insurance while working for work-related injuries.
- We have multiple camps running simultaneously across France. Nacel pays for any work-related transportation costs if the counselor changes camps.


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