creative arts gap year

Arts Gap Year

Explore a range of areas of artistic interest from choreography to music, performing art to photography

Creative Arts Gap Years enable participants to explore a wide range of jobs and programmes across subjects like Fine arts, art history, design, music, drama, dance & performing arts and many more.

On an arts gap year, whether you take part in a voluntary position, gain a paid job or internship, travel for a few weeks, or for several months, you have a unique opportunity. Use the opportunity to gain valuable experience and maybe even some new qualifications that will count towards your chosen degree course or future career. An arts gap year may be quite focused, or it may be multidisciplinary in nature. Whether your gap year is in a city like London or takes your to a new country on the other side of the world, you will gain a unique new perspective and the chance to work alongside people with a range of creative backgrounds; feeding your creative outlook.

Some examples of popular gap year opportunities that relate to the arts include sound engineers, theatre technicians, actors, journalists, dancers, artists, costume designers, musicians, choreographers, and photographers.

With increased competition for places at universities and drama schools, the ability to show a greater degree of commitment to your chosen artistic path will certainly count in your favour on your application. As well as improving your career prospects on paper, taking part in a creative arts gap year will improve your skills and knowledge.

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