Working at an America Summer Camp in France!

newspaper TEFL Communitites Sports Summer Camp Childcare Teaching
location Europe
start date 2020 6 - 8 weeks
salary 1170 euros per month
accommodation includedAccommodation included
food and mealsAll housing and meals are covered during the contract with bedding included (€30 a day per person, paid by American Village for you)
training providedTraining provided

What qualities do you look for in a camp counselor?

We want counselors who possess the ability and desire to create recreational activities and lead camp activities & recreational games. This is a major part of this job!

We want counselors who have good teamwork, leadership and communication skills who are good at arts, sports, recreational activities and improvisation.

We seek counselors who want to be a role model for children and you enjoy being with them all day long!

With camps all over France, would I get much chance to explore the local area?

We encourage counselors to plan some travel time before and/or after their work commitments at camp in order to visit Paris and other beautiful cities in France!

Our camps are located in the rural countryside. Counselors can explore local areas on their day(s) off. Some tourist attractions close to our sites are the Gorges du Verdon, Mont St Michel, the Alps, and Les Cevennes national park.

Please note:
The employer does not cover any fees related to your private tourism.
The employer does not cannot guarantee a camp location at the time of hire.

What makes American Village so special to work for as a camp counselor and do you get many returning staff?

Approximately 25% of the Language counselor team is comprised of returning staffers each year (40% of French staff).

We invite you to read our testimonials page on our website :

There you can read a variety of different reasons why returning staffers have loved coming back to our team, year after year!

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For first time counsellors, will I be provided with full training before camp starts, or throughout the camp experience?

The Counselor Handbook is required reading before employment. It clearly outlines staff policies, cultural differences, pedagogical goals, and some childcare know-how (child development, communication, discipline, etc).

Once at camp, the site director, head language counselor, and veteran counselors help new counselors better understand their role and duties as a counselor. Your team will work together to plan the program, to establish rules for the campers, to set up camp materials, and also share camp ideas - like cheers, games, and teaching tips!

Counselors should arrive to camp enthusiastic, well-rested and ready to work!

Do I need to speak French to work as a counselor?

American village camps are English immersion camps and therefore counselors are required to speak English at all times.

What will I gain from working for American Village and how will this help me in later life?

Working at our camps allows you to really break out of your comfort zone, try new things and figure out new learning styles. You may discover you have a hidden talent and get new ideas from other counselors and even establish friendships for life!