Take your Gap Year in South America

A great backpacking destination, the jungles and mountains of South America continue to be popular with gap year travellers. We have some great language learning courses in places like Argentina and Brazil. Maybe you would like to work with animal and environmental projects in Ecuador or Chile, or even contribute directly to the lives of local people in Peru or Bolivia through community building initiatives.

Ask a hundred people where they would like to go on a gap year and top of a lot of people's list will be the continent of South America. Fortunately, the companies who advertise with us are well aware of this demand and offer a huge range of gap year jobs and courses to suit everyone.

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Popular South America Destinations:
Peru, Chile, Brazil, Argentian

Quick South America Facts:
Population - 400 million
Languages - Spanish and Portuguese

Visa Information:
A working holiday visa is required for some countries and there may be a restriction on how long you can work with one employer. Check with your gap year provider.

Opportunities to visit South America

South America and Latin America brings to mind the tropical rain forests and huge rivers, but this enormous landmass, connected to the North American continent by the thin Isthmus that contains the famous Panama Canal, has a very varied geography, including the high Andes mountains, the Atacama Desert, and more ancient cultures than you can shake a stick at.

South America also includes the world famous Inca trail in Peru which is high up on on many of the 'things to do before you die' lists. The trail includes a 42km trek through tropical cloud forests and spectacular mountain scenery high up in the Andes before reaching the ancient Inca settlement and lost city of Machu Picchu. The trek takes 4 days and is surely one of the most memorable things you can experience on your year out in South America.

If, during your year abroad in South America, you would like to work with children, teach English as a foreign language, help out on community development, conservation or animal research projects, take up seasonal internships with local companies, take part in adventure tours, gain experience with medical projects, or if you just want to go trekking in the jungle, you will find all this and much more right here!