Volunteer in Latin America

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start date Rolling start dates for 2 weeks to 6+ months
salary Volunteer Project
accommodation includedAccommodation included
food and mealsDepending on the project and location, a full meal programme may be included; speak to an advisor to discuss your needs and the options available
training providedTraining provided

Kaya's mission means that we consider ethical, environmental and cultural concerns in order to ensure that all of our projects are sustainable, and ultimately, beneficial for local community-members. The projects we support are small, grassroots, community-led, and genuinely appreciate the help of our volunteers and interns. Kaya participants benefit as well, growing in global knowledge and gaining real-world experience. Book with us to immerse yourself in your country, region and field of choice, and to make a difference whilst doing so!

Volunteer in Latin America
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Volunteer in Latin America
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gap year project highlights Highlights

Expert Advising and Support - Sleep well knowing our advisors have helped you choose the right gap year for you & that we’ll have your back while you’re abroad
So Much Choice - With 250+ projects to choose from, we have ethical gap years for everyone
Non-Traditional - Travel off the beaten path in Asia-Pacific, Africa or Latin America & get to know the locals on a deeper level
Responsible, Ethical, Sustainable - All of Kaya's gap years, no matter the location or field, feature community-led, grassroots initiatives
Culturally Immersive - Part of a responsible approach involves proper preparation and education; we’ll provide you with the cultural context you need to get the most out of your trip abroad
Make a Difference - See and help the planet, get your hands dirty & make friends along the way

typical day What's it like

A typical day on this gap year project

At Kaya Responsible Travel, we offer gap year experiences that combine travel and volunteering, helping you see the world and make an impact while doing so. We support a variety of projects in a wide array of locations throughout Central and South America, and each project varies in its goals and needs. Therefore, the activities differ, depending on the placement you choose. As a volunteer, you’ll provide an essential extra pair of hands. There will always be plenty to do, wherever you choose to work. Volunteers may work together independently or in groups, depending on the project. You will have the guidance and training you need to complete daily tasks effectively.


If you’re interested in environmental and wildlife conservation, consider traveling to the Galapagos, helping to save endangered species of turtles or lending a hand at an understaffed wildlife sanctuary in the Ecuadorian jungle. Or, work on sustainable economic and community development in the Middle of the World to help support a self-sustaining community of fifty families. There are also a variety of options available in the field of education, if you’d prefer to work in a school setting with young children, teach older children or adults, work in special needs, or teach English (TEFL). If you’d rather work in the health and medical fields, we can place you on a Healthy Kitchens project in Peru or with a rural health clinic in Belize. If you’re interested in Belize but lean more towards the arts, join a dance therapy project or volunteer at a camp for at-risk youth and share your film and photography skills. The sky really is the limit!

No matter what, all of our projects involve the following:


*Learn about local challenges, environments and cultures from knowledgeable and passionate community-members

*Have an adventure and experience the country or region for all it has to offer, whilst making strides in your field of choice


*All project work requires an open mind and a willingness to lend a hand

*You may be asked to perform community outreach, or you may be tasked with shadowing professionals in your field. Conservation work may include research or even hands-on animal care. No matter what you’re doing, rest assured that it’s useful - and sustainable!

Check out our website to find out more about specific gap placements, or talk to a placement advisor. They’ll have all the details!

ideal candidate Project Requirements

Who would be a suitable participant?

our offer Project Benefits

What we can offer you

*Placement advising and project-matching
*Detailed pre-departure information and 24/hour support on the ground
*Airport pickups and drop-offs (except on 6-month placements)
*On-site orientation
*Accommodations (some placements may include meals as well)
*Depending on the type of placement and your needs, you may have a supervisor with structured learning goals (this is specific to internship placements and study and service)

We’re here to support you the whole way, from programme start to finish (and beyond!). The accommodations we provide are safe and vetted. Programme lengths and start dates vary, so talk to a placement advisor for details.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we have decided to re-open limited locations as "Pod Programs" that meet our strict safety standards. You can travel with a small group of tested students and volunteers to select locations! If you want to wait and travel later, we are happy to chat about your options and timelines. Looking for a virtual option? We have a series of virtual internships available that include cultural components that may interest you.


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