Working for Camp America

What to expect and how working a summer camp can help your future career prospects

This year marked Camp America's 50th sending councillors to a wide range of camps all across the USA, to celebrate we spoke to Arianna about the best way to secure a place, what to expect and how working a summer camp can help your future career prospects.

newspaper Summer Camp Childcare Teaching Adventure
location North America
start date Must be available between 1st May - 20th June 9+ weeks
salary $750-$1,200 depending on age, role and experience.
accommodation includedAccommodation included
food and meals3 meals a day at camp, dietary requirements met
training providedTraining provided

What would be your best piece of advice for someone looking to apply for their first summer camp and what will make them stand out from the crowd?

Honestly, my best piece of advice is to not let anything stop you from applying. Many people think they need a certain amount of experience or qualifications to apply but this is wrong! We want applicants who are willing to try something new, step out of their comfort zone and be prepared to have an amazing summer with people from all across the world, whilst making a difference to hundreds of kids!

With hundreds of camps on offer all across the USA, what are the different types and locations of camps you offer and do applicants get to choose which they would prefer?

We with hundreds of camps all across the states, so applicants could spend their summer on a camp in California, Florida, New York, Texas - you name the state and I'm sure there's a camp there! We work with private camps, day camps, religious camps, Girl Scout camps, Underprivileged camps and camps for individuals with special needs - as part of the application process, applicants are able to tell us what camp type they would be willing or unwilling to work on. The best way to find out more infomation about a camp or state of your choice would be to attend one of our upcoming recruitment fairs in either November, January and February or drop us an enquiry at the link below.

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summer camp counselor
summer camp group

How does the application process work and how much help do candidates get with securing a place?

Unless you attend a recruitment fair and get hired on the spot, our application is all online and very simple to follow. Applicants can have an interview booked with a Camp America representative within minutes of starting an application, and as soon as that interview is complete the applicant just sits back and lets us do the hard work in finding them their perfect camp! Last year we sent just under 9,000 applicants to camp, so you can trust us to find you one too.

What does an average day look like for camp counsellors and what's the most unexpected experience you will come across?

No two days at camp are the same, which is what makes the experience of camp so exciting and memorable. Every day at camp is full of energy, so expect to enjoy mealtimes whilst singing, dancing and chatting with all your friends. Expect your days to be filled with a wide range of activities, and to end the day with the whole of camp together having fun! The most unexpected experience would be colour war...I'm not going to spoil it, but many of our camps break out into colour war at an unexpected time during the summer, which means the campers go head to head in competitions full of spirit, cheer and a lot of colour!

Camp life is fun and fulfilling, but do you get much time to get out and experience all that the US has to offer?

Absolutely! Every camp is different in terms of their time off, I had every weekend off whereas some camps just offer one day a week, however, no matter what your time off, you'll have American co-counsellors who are going to want to show off their local area to you, so expect your days off to be spent at the baseball, movie theatres, shopping malls, national parks and local cities! Not to forget, every applicant gets 30 days on their visa to travel, so I can not recommend using the full 30 days after camp to explore everything the USA has to offer - again, utilise those new American co-counsellors for the ultimate American road trip!!

When camps over for the summer and you're coming home, what new qualifications and qualities can you add to your CV?

The list is endless! Camp America is recognised worldwide and looks AMAZING on your CV. By spending a summer at camp, you'd have gained incredible interpersonal skills from teamwork, adaptability, independence, confidence and more; along with all the skills you'd have learnt from all those super cool activities you'd have tried out at camp. I came back trained in Rock Climbing, low ropes, canoeing and more!