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Our projects begin on the firs Monday of each month


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All Out Africa has hosted over 6000 volunteer and tour participants and many more lodge guests since its inception in 2004. Many of these people have become friends and ambassadors and are helping in various ways to build a better world. All Out Africa is dedicated to people, wildlife, travel, safety, education and entrepreneurship. We have built lasting friendships with our partners and are deeply engaged in the local communities and conservation areas we work in and committed for the long term. Join us on adventures that change lives.

typical day A Typical Day on this Course

The project involves conducting multiple types of research with different species. The following is a summary of the type of research and Conservation activities you may be involved with. Some of the activities are conducted at specific times of the year whilst others are conducted all year round. Our co-ordinating project scientists will teach you how to assist with data collection throughout your project duration.

In order to carry out many of these activities, you will need to be able or willing to learn to scuba dive. An open or advanced internationally recognized diving course is provided in the cost of the program to facilitate this (not included in the 2-week option).

Some of the activities you will get involved in may include:

Whale Shark (Annually) The Whale Shark component of the Project involves joining ocean safaris to snorkel with Whale Sharks in the open ocean. It involves taking underwater photographs for identifying the Whale Sharks as well as recording other ecological information. As a summary, you will collect the following information on the Whale Sharks:

● Date, GPS location, surface, and underwater conditions

● Size, sex, scars/distinctive features, behavior of the Whale Shark

● You will take an ID photograph and identify each Whale Shark & record re-sightings

Dolphin (Annually) You will be collecting data which enables dolphin numbers and behaviors to be recorded and uploaded onto databases to share with our Marine Partners. Of particular interest in this study is dolphin behavior in relation to tourism.

Coral Reef and Fish (Annually) This involves carrying out underwater data collection on indicator species of coral fish and the condition and cover of coral and echinoderms on the reefs.

Seahorses (Annually) This project will involve traveling to the nearby Inhambane Estuary and snorkeling in relatively shallow waters to evaluate and monitor the seahorse population. The seahorses are counted, and photos were taken to identify the size of the seahorses, and data then entered into a database to allow for analysis.

Humpback Whales (June – October) Monitor the numbers of humpbacked whales on their seasonal migration up and down the coast. This involves sand dune based observations using binoculars and boat-based observations recording the numbers of whales, the makeup of the pods and behaviors witnessed.

General environment (Annually) A number of more general environmental awareness and clean-up activities will be also carried out during the project.

ideal candidate Who are we looking for?

You will also need to be a capable swimmer (able to swim 100m unassisted) and snorkeler. Being able to hold your breath to dive down would be an advantage but is not required.

our offer What we can offer you

During your stay, you will be accommodated in Albatroz Lodge, in Tofo. Three meals a day will also be provided, some on a self-serve basis and others cooked for you.

Also included:
● An internationally recognized dive qualification (Not included for 2-week volunteers)
● Research dives and ocean safari’s to collect data
● Comprehensive 24 hours, 7 days a week support from All
Out Africa
● Volunteer projects specifically designed to enable you to make an active contribution during your stay
● Support of volunteer project coordinators who are experts in their fields which ensures the volunteer experience is valuable
● Comprehensive orientation to the country
● All food and accommodation throughout your stay


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